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RA and WNC Reggae 1

- THE BEAT magazine in Los Angeles says "Energetic and kinetic...this music sounds as natural coming from the mountains of North Carolina as the music from the hills of Jamaica's Blue Mountain Range." BOB MARLEY biographer and Reggae Grammy@ chair ROGER STEFFENS exclaims "Reggabilly at its best!" “Good work giving us positive vibes..." reports DJ Rankin of RADIO CONTRABANDA in Barcelona, Spain. Asheville, NC’s MOUNTAIN EXPRESS says “Joyful and reflective, trimmed with punchy guitar and RAS ALAN's eminently likable's hard to imagine more pleasant listening…[than the] Neil Young-by-way-of-Kingston melodies," and CITIZEN-TIMES reviewers Jedd Ferris and Heather Rayburn add "Ras Alan's been able to blend vintage country and Appalachian folk with the steady grooves of Jamaican ska and roots reggae. Despite seemingly obvious culture clashes, the songwriter's personal ability to correlate the two genres makes the music breathe with authenticity. With his homemade acoustic guitar and steady percussive footbox, he revives the dusty mountain ancestry of the Carter Family while bringing a modern context to the soulful social outcry of the Marley message." "All original, homegrown, mountain roots reggae... weaving the traditional reggae sound with the front porch flat-pickin' generally associated with Carolina bluegrass musicians. This group is really something!" "Highly uplifting, conscious, roots reggae in a mesmerizing country bluegrass-reggae style. The lyrics capture the true essence of Rasta philosophy- upliftment of the masses." WXUT in Toledo, Ohio reports along with a Special Edition of the RASTAMON TIMES of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, "Ras Alan demonstrates the strength of the music, Reggae, in the heart of awakening approach to the Oneness of Life." THE INDEPENDENT, of Durham, NC, sums it up this way, "Ras Alan is able to weave blues, bluegrass and country elements into his rootsy Reggae fabric. It works!" Help us celebrate 20+ years of this unique, entertaining music by booking or sponsoring a performance, showcase, house concert or event in your home, business, barn or town. Have vibes, will travel! CDs are available through the "BUY" button at the top of this page. Or check for original Appalachian reggae music. It makes a positive present any time of year. Ras Alan's "One HeartBeat- Appalachia to Zimbabwe" program for children is a wonderful way for K-5 students to learn RESPECT- for percussion instruments from around the world, the individuals who made the instruments and ultimately, ourselves.